so simple.. but yet so hard

The new year started off so wonderfully.

Doesn’t it usually?

We resolve to break free from bad habits, spend more time with Him and our families, live more intentionally and take care of these bodies He has blessed us with.

It seems so simple, but yet so hard..   Getting up early in the morning to pray, read His Word and listen.  I do pretty well for awhile.

Then life happens.  Our flesh and/or the world gets in the way and we let life just happen.

If you have stopped by this little spot or followed me on the Twitter.. yes, I call it the Twitter.. you know that my oldest headed back to college and a weird but wonderful winter snow storm hit North Alabama.  You also know that in the midst of that, a dear IRL and online friend, Joanne suffered a major stroke while running on her treadmill.  I cried and I prayed.  I am so far away from Joanne’s home.  All I could do was pray and ask others to pray.  I had a hard time focusing on even the smallest tasks at hand that first two weeks.

But then, here’s the deal… choosing to be obedient is so simple.. but yet so hard.

I’ve struggled with some pretty serious spiritual warfare over the last few weeks and I am convinced that it’s because for the first little bit of 2011, I have been faithful to read His Word, pray and listen daily.  Others and that mean ole’ jerk that will remain nameless would have me trip and fall.  he’s trying everything in his power to disuade me from praying, study God’s Word, pour into my family first and just do the next thing. he likes to confuse me with good things and good people to distract me from what God has for me.

But God has been faithful to pour out His blessings in my life in spite of the whirling diversh of distractions.  He keeps gently reminding me of the things He has spoken over me and called me to during this season.

Sooo why is something so simple (being obedient to quiet time, prayer and His Word) so hard?  Why is it that we choose for it to be the first thing to go every day?  Why do we hit the snooze button or give into the crazy schedule our entire family has instead of giving Him our first fruits?

For me, it’s all about surrendering to Him and denying my own flesh (I so love to sleep… ) and getting my bottom out of the bed to meet with Him.  When women are faithful to meet with God, pray and soak in His Word mighty things happen and that ole jerk that will remain nameless doesn’t like it.

I don’t know about you, but I would rather be a servant of Christ then a slave to some ole jerk that is bent on keeping me in a deep, dark corner.

It’s so simple…but yet so hard.  How do you make sure you stay focused on God and keep your quiet time with Him protected?

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  1. Oh girl! I'm right there with you. Just struggling with the simple things. Just hit a wall on Friday and had a major meltdown. I am praying and praising the God who is faithful to save me.
    I'm praying for you!

    1. I am praying Psalm 62 over both of us! 🙂 praying as you travel and serve friend. He is FAITHFUL and in our weakness He is made strong. Love you much!

  2. I really struggle with balancing “it all,” I do. I cannot count the number of times I pray “Teach me O Lord to number my days aright that I might gain a heart of wisdom. Without You, my efforts to accomplish anything of eternal value are useless. Give me focus and a single mind today.”

    Practically, I have let go of the notion of quiet time and prayer having to be perfectly executed at the same specific time and place each day…it’s going to happen just a surely as my teeth will get brushed. I close the door to my room and take the phone off the hook so to speak because without it I am operating on fumes.

    Hmmm. Not sure if I answered your question. I appreciate so much the tactics and obstacles the ole jerk uses to deter us from stopping and resting with the Lover of our souls.

  3. I hear you! We start out with the best intentions, don't we? One thing I've done is to switch my quiet time to the evenings. It just works better for me. I am not a morning person. It's just not the way God wired me. So I faced reality and moved my quiet time to evenings. It's working! And I don't share that here to challenge that mean ole jerk to mess with me or my new strategy, just to encourage you to keep on keeping on. God meets us where we are…

  4. WOW! I know you posted this on Jan 31 but I'm just now getting a chance to check out your blog. This one hit me right between the eyes. I get up at 4 a.m. every morning so that I can have my 'quiet' time with Him but most of the time, I confess, it is just reading my devotions and 'Hey, if I get through early enough I can go back to sleep for a few minutes!' WHY???? Why don't I allow myself time to really spend with Him? to really try listening to Him or meditating on His Word to see what nuggets He might have for me? This is an area I struggle with greatly and it seems like every time that I commit to doing better, I do for about a day or two and then I'm right back to the old ways. I'm reminded of Paul, when he said – the things I want to do, I don't do and the things I don't want to do, I do. While I do get a little solace in knowing that this is nothing new, that even someone like Paul had the same struggle, it doesn't change the fact that I MUST start making better choices. (cont'd in next comment)

  5. For instance, I made that choice this morning and couldn't believe what He was doing in me and how He was loving on me and showing me things that I would have missed if I hadn't chosen to spend that time with Him.

    Thanks for the reminder that we are not alone – we all have struggles and as long as we 'keep it real' we can help each other through 🙂

    I truly hate what happened to Joanne but I have to admit that I am feeling very blessed to have been introduced to so many wonderful ladies through all this. She has really been on my mind today and I'm still praying. Thank you, too, for making me feel so welcome on the first 'prayer meeting' I attended. Everyone was so nice.

  6. I so did not know you have a blog! Cindy told me about it 🙂 Love it! You are one amazing chick! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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