randomness and linky happiness

it almost feels as if I am coming out of a self induced Rip Van Winkle state… but it is not nearly as exciting as that.

I’ve been catching up on some exciting happenings around the internets (as my oldest has aptly named the world wide web) and well, I just need to leave you with some excitement for the weekend.  So ready, set, random….

As some of you have observed on the Twitter and the FB.. I am frantically (in the midst of packing and moving children to college and working full time) trying to finish reading The Help.  The only way you have not heard about this wonderful work of fiction is if you have been disconnected from all things worldly.. in which case, I might, just might be a tad jealous..  I can not wait to see the movie next week.  (first things first.. like moving college kid #1)

Have you heard about the exciting news at (in)courage ?  Well.. if you have not, you best get on the band wagon.  I do declare that it just might bring the awesomeness to 2012…

I truly, truly, truly dig me some Sophie Hudson.  She is all good things and a bag of chips.  I especially loved this encouragement… NEW

I am forever the nerdy techy geek and am completely in love with my favorite apps at the moment…  WWF (no not wrestling), Evernote, Spotify, Pinterest (i have only just begun)…and Hey Tell …   You must check them out.. really.  Nothing makes me giggle more than to get a hey tell message from one of my kiddos using the voice changer.. kid you not.

My sweet friend, Lindsey is jumping.  So stinkin’ proud and excited for her.

Just for fun and a little absurdity… we are kinda hooked on the hilarity and great come back of My Little Pony in our house.. and we don’t have little ones running around…  (don’t judge)

I started running again after being on the injured list and the recuperating from surgery list for four months.. and I must say.. it feels almost normal.  and weird that I just said that.  I get loads of encouragement from other moms here: anothermotherrunner and if you are on the Twitter… follow Dimity and Sarah .. again.. the real deal kinda women.

oh.. and one last thing.. there is this amazing invitation over at @stickyJesus that is changing and uniting… I’m all in.  Are you?

Hope you have a great weekend.. and I am grateful for you and your prayers.  He’s got this.. so go and Do Everything


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  1. Hey Girl! So glad to see you back up and blogging! Praying for you as you get kids dropped off and you settle in to your new normal.

    1. Well hey there! Good to see you here too! 🙂 I am grateful for your prayers.. because I know you know. How about lunch?

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