just a few things/people running through my mind…

Just wanted to share some of the faces/images that are constantly running through this head.  Please remember to pray for all the kiddos starting back to school, for all the mommas that are letting go (especially if its the first wave good bye from the hall in front of the kindergarten door) and for all the educators/administrators sparking the dreams.

All for Him, because of Him, to glorify Him.

1.  I’m doing alot of this lately.   2.  College man in his new digs.  3.  My three at Niffers in Auburn.  Homemade chips and corn nuggets.. yummo  4.  sweet Emily in her dorm at MSU..praying her up through rush.  5.  – 7.  long time buddies and Bible Study kiddos together for one last pre-college get together.  8.  Becca & Lisa at ten years of age… momma brain goes back there a lot.  9.  Griffin comes home after a really long but learning life lessons summer.  10.  Laura is the sweetest neighbor child I know..  11.  Lisa & Becca with Sarah & Tiffany.. future roommates.  12.  beauties eight years later..  13.  sending love and thank you to #13.  13.  Fran – soul friend, intercessor sharing life over the best latte.  14.  SO grateful.  15.  Chazz – one of the best friends my sweet girls have ever had.  love this kid.


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