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So.. I said it out loud today.  To two of the people I admire the most.  (their brains slay me) I’m having a hard time memorizing my Scriptures for SSMT.  I can memorize them but then, within weeks, it is all gone.  POOF!  Just not there.  I can remember some of the words but not the whole scripture.

It’s driving this ‘ole girl nuts.  Why?  Because I want so desperately to forget all the useless info rattling around in my brain and set my mind and heart on His Truth.  I can remember conversations and phone numbers and names and details of  others lives.. but it feels like a battle is raging over my lack of long term memory!


Kelly helped me in a matter of 20 minutes tonight memorize two verses that I still remember two hours later.. SOOO excited.

Here’s some advice from my mucho intelligent friends:

  • write it down.  over and over and over
  • write it down on index cards and stare at it.
  • read it over and over and over
  • read it out loud over and over and over
  • write it on your mirrors
  • write it on post-its and put them everywhere.. in the laundry room, the kitchen, your steering wheel (but don’t look down while driving)
  • come up with acronym associations for your verses.
  • dance it out (like Priscilla did at Deeper Still in Faithful, Abundant & True)
  • cheer it out
  • sing it
  • write it over and over and over
  • pray

So … I said it.  Anyone else out there having a hard time?  I’m praying for you if you are.  Really.

If you are able to memorize really well, what are some of your tips for recall and memorization?  I would love to hear more!




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  1. Well, I feel for you Siesta. I too, have that problem and usually I am actually using my verses over and over and over during the time I am memorizing them. But, you know what, I just relax now and put it in the hands of the one who needs to bring it to mind when I need it. I am finding that while I may not be great at remembering the word for word or the "address" the concept sticks and God really does bring it to mind when I need it. And by-the-way, God gave us concordances and Bible Gateway…so, its all good :0) …. Keep on letting that truth saturate your mind — wheather you think its there or not…it is!!!! Bless ya!

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like the first few months were AWESOME and since July (when, coincidently, I turned 43), I cannot remember a stinkin thing – not even the ones that I could say at the drop of a hat! SOPHE can finish em for me, but I am lost.
    I'll pray for you!!!
    Love you lots!

  3. Thanks for the tips!! And I agree whole heartedly with Debbie! He is the one helping me with my recall!! Siestas unite!

  4. WHEW! And all this time I thought it was just ME! LOL I, too, try to write them over and over and that seemed to work in the beginning, but now, it is REALLY hard for me. However, I am 52 years old and this is the first time I have ever even tried to memorize scripture, so I just keep remembering what Beth said – I don't remember her exact words but I remember her saying that even if we don't memorize every verse or don't memorize it word for word, that the important thing is that we ARE meditating on scripture, His Word, and that in itself is doing a mighty work in us whether we realize it or not. So, I AM trying to memorize the scriptures but I'm not stressing over it like I was at first. I just do my best and leave the rest in His hands. Guess that's all any of us can do, right?

    I will be praying for you and all the others here and I hope that y'all will pray for me, too – WE CAN DO THIS TOGETHER 🙂

    P.S. LOVED getting to finally meet you in person at the dotMom event 🙂

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