love shows up in the being [day two]…31 days of expecting God

This weekend has been filled with the being.  The being and hanging around my youngest college kiddos.
Family Weekends are such a gift to parents that are dying to get their hands on their kiddos.

Any time at Union University is a complete blast.

 Sweet girls are part of a wonderful college family and it makes my heart sing.  Completely sing.  Conversations of how much they love their college choice, how happy they are with friendships forming, constant sharing of words of wisdom and knowledge from professors, feeling loved by their administration, joy over how God has placed them in amazing LifeGroups.

I was expecting God to show up.  He did.. in the blessing of the being.  being with loved ones, hugging, laughing, talking, breaking of the bread, walking of the dogs, buying of the hats and meeting of the friends.

::love shows up in the being::

“then make my joy complete by being like-minded, having the same lovebeing one in spirit

and of one mind.” Philippians 4:2

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