I really do talk to Him like this.. [day four and five] … 31 days of expecting Jesus

I realized when my head hit the pillow last night that I forgot to write to you.  oops.

I almost got out of bed, woke up the puppies and posted at 11:47pm.  THEN, it happened.

Reality. A real live conversation with Him.  (humor me)

“I need to get up and post something for 31 days.. I promised.”

“Why are you writing sweet girl of mine?”

“I’m writing to share Your love and grace and mercy and joy… all of that when we expect You every day .”

“Well then do that.”

“But I didn’t post today.  I got wrapped up in Your Word and spending time with Michael and other chores.”

“Where is this pressure coming from?  I just want an authentic relationship with you.”

“There You go again.   Showing me Your grace and revealing my flesh to me.”

“It’s the Gospel.  I’ve been doing it even before the beginning of your human time.  It’s what I do so we can be closer.”

“So, I don’t need to get up and post something?”

“You don’t have to DO anything for Me.  I love you no matter what.”

“They speak of the glorious splendor of your majesty— and I will meditate on your wonderful works.” Psalm 145:5


What did He do for you today that you didn’t expect?

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