organization & simplicity LOVE.. [day 20]… 31 days of expecting Jesus

** alert ** I am about to get my geek on… feel free to avert your eyes.


It all started with this tweet from my friend Robyn to my amazing sister, Lisa:

Robyn had just shared on the Twitter that her Life Planner had arrived and how excited she was about it.  HOLD THE PRESSES.

My sister and I are complete calendar/administrative/organizational freeks.  Tru dat. Robyn had unleashed a wild hair.

Then.. I went shopping on the Erin Condren website.  The joy that I felt was amazing.. truly.  It was almost as if the angels were singing around me. AND, then it hit me.  This would be a window shopping expedition.  Not a purchasing expedition. Small sigh. Three in college… means little to no discretionary funds if we are to remain debt free.  Thank you Dave Ramsey.

But I did celebrate with my sister as she ordered hers….

And then guess what happened? A blessing arrived…

Oh my… if the angels weren’t singing when i was window shopping.. they certainly were singing when my gift from my Sissy arrived.  JOY.  pure JOY.  If you are an organizational crazy gal like me then you will LOVE love LOVE this product.  Lots of places to be creative while staying on top of things.  Daily entries have room for morning, day and night.  Make sure you stop by and check out Erin Condren as well as checking out my friend Rachel Reeves over at No. 17.  She blogged about the awesomeness that is the Life Planner here and here with a giveaway to boot!  Stop by and check it out.

BUT alas… I have some exciting news to share with you that is happening today over at Erin’s shop.  CUSTOM.. yeppers.. and amazing iPhone covers.  YES.. SIR REE BOB!  You might want to jump on over there and snatch you up one… or two.. or more for Christmas gifts.  I just happened to find some discretionary funds to be able to grab one myself… Even being blessed by organizational wonderment can be all about expecting Jesus.. especially when you trust Him with every single detail.

What blessings have been unexpected for you today?

Erin has no clue I wrote this blog and has not given me anything free so I could review her products or anything crazy like that.  I’m just sharing the love that is her awesomeness and hoping you spread it around cause it’s what we should be doing.  Splashing Jesus around and encouraging other people.  

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  1. Oh! I am so tickled to read about your surprise!!! Yay! I have wanted one since Sept. but couldn’t afford one. Then two nights ago, they had a half priced voucher on Zulily, so I asked Chris and he said yes!! I have been utterly unorganized lately. I so need to get it all in one place! Praying for you, my friend.
    holly smith recently posted…The One Thing NeededMy Profile

  2. thank you so so much for the awesome blog post! glad you love the planner… we heart our customers… especially YOU!

  3. I LOVE that your sissie surprised you that way – makes me eleventy seven kinds of happy. Of course now I am gonna need to find me some discretionary funds as well, cause I’ma need me one of them – diet, fitness, life AND kidlette organization all in one pretty place? Sign.Me.UP!
    becky jo recently posted…Dear Food Network …My Profile

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