amazed …[day 22-25] .. 31 days of expecting Jesus

I spent the evening on Friday with these women…

worshipping with Chris and Leah Catherine… basking in sweet fellowship, journal making, food and the Word brought by the Holy Spirit and Suzanne Matthews.

It was a COMPLETE gift.  Suzanne taught out of the book of Hosea and has really left me speechless and introspective. Pondering so much…

Her message has ushered me into a whole new conversation with Him and he’s leading me back to the place where our relationship began. (Hosea 2:14)

The Biblical way to return to God (after a season, after we have run away, daily returning) is through repentance.

There’s a three-fold process to rebuilding a repentant heart:

  1. Allow God to bind up our woundedness – unwrap your wounds and present your woundedness to Him.  Unwrap yourself.  Be honest with God.
  2. Wake up.  Be made alive.  Let Him till the soil.  Let Him fertilize the ground, rejuvenate your soul.
  3. Let God (and only God) validate, fix you and make you better than you were before.

It’s worth the pain to get to the place of restoration.  Only when we get to a place of repentance and restoration will we be able to serve Him…

And that’s just a smidgen of the few hours…

I am amazed at the thread of commonality.  What He continues to speak over me.

He’s revealed a new season to me.  But before He pushes me out to be about His business…

He calls me to cultivate a truly repentant heart. To till up the soil and let Him work out the muck and foreign objects.  He’s calling me to turn it over, asking me to put my face smack down in the nasty of it all.  He’s asking me to let Him fertilize the soil so that His harvest can flourish.

“The things of this world are in a bidding war over you.  But then… Jesus walks into the marketplace to claim us just like Hosea claimed Gomer after unspeakable heartache and damage.” – Suzanne Matthews

Have you given all of the muck and mire to Him?  Have you physically said the words “I REPENT” over the mess?  Have you allowed Him to restore you?  He’s claimed us.. and He chooses to do it every day because He loves us so scandalously.


I’d love to hear how He’s working it out in you..



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  1. Great thoughts, friend. I know He does amazing things but I always dread facing the nastiness of the muck. Thanks for the reminder of its grace as well.

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