loss for words…[day 26] … 31 days of expecting Jesus

I just can’t begin to put into words what these last 7-8 weeks have meant to my relationship with Him.

I totally get that it’s Him y’all.  I get that.. but when I decided to lead Tammie Head‘s Duty or Delight? study.. I had no idea the POWER of His Words through her.  I truly thought we were going to dig deep, but um, not to the life changing depths that He’s taken us to.

I had no clue.

I’ve done lots of studies.  I have.. not to boast at all…but I’ve done a ton out of my desperate need to know Him more.  Out of my desperate need to be held accountable.  Out of my desperate need to fall in love with Him more deeply.  His Word has changed my life forever.

I’ve been changed by the other studies.. and then I haven’t been changed by some.  It hasn’t been the studies, or the women gathered with me, it’s always been me.  My heart, my lack of obedience.

But y’all.  I am having the hardest time putting into words what this study has meant to me.

It’s been an honor to study under Tammie for these last few months. But that sentence doesn’t even cut it.

He’s changed me. Completely changed our relationship. He’s doing a new thing.

Besides Crossings by my sweet Suzanne … and mama Beth Moore… this woman, with the Power and Knowledge of the To-Be-Able has devastated me for life.

If I could stand in front of Tammie and tell her anything… I wouldn’t.  I would hug her, I would hand her a latte and I would stare at her with tears rolling down my face and I would pray over her.

I pray that He blesses her with every Spiritual blessing that is His to give… that her family is blessed for generations to come for her obedience.. and that He gives her more studies to share with us.

I pray with everything in me that if you haven’t studied Duty or Delight? that you will…


Have you completed Duty or Delight?  Tell me what you would say to Tammie about how He has changed your relationship from one of duty to delight…



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