update and a spiffy new make over

Well howdy.   I had no idea that being in the season of the empty nest could be so busy.  But indeed it has.

First and foremost.. thanks to my friend Alli for the recommendation.. and to the amazing creative genius of Hannah Braboy you are viewing a totally new blog..

Would love it if you began to follow me at dedraherod.com .. eventually after some more changes and more new stuff, we will completely transition away from justachick.com but don’t worry!  I’ll let you know when those happenings are coming down the pike. yikes!!

Thanks for bearing with me during all the changes, He’s been so audaciously grand to this mess of a girl.

Wondering what has been going on?  Here’s a quick update via camera photography:

1) Karen and I enjoyed our second 5k together the end of October  2) We celebrated fireside with a latte and yummy breakfast.  3) I worked incredibly hard to get our 2011 Biotechnology Guidebooks out to all the high schools across the state; 4) had lunch with some besties from youth group days – Cara & Bev (sisters) are the real deal; 5) shopping with sister friend, Suzanne we found a new desk chair for me – called GRACE! HA;  6) a day with my friend and mentor Tami Heim in TN.  She’s amazing and has been blessed with a couple new roles.  One at CLA and a grandmommy (2/12)! 7-9) Stinkin’ Mary R. Snyder blessed me and couple of buddies with a cruise trip of a lifetime. watching the sun rise/set every day on the water.. giggles and music.. blessed beyond 10)got off the boat and proceeded to get so ill.. won’t bore you but goodness fruit made it better! 11) Thanksgiving and college adults home.. bliss 12) Behold the Lamb with Andrew Peterson and sweet girlfriends.. no words. 13) i love my Kelly.. excited about our SSMT time in Houston in Jan. 14) inside out PB cookies for work party – YUMMO 15) decorating for Christmas 16) back at it after being so stinkin’ ill.. feels good.

What’s been going on in your world?


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  1. Dedra

    Love. Love. Love it. I am partial to the colors which should beno surprise to you after time at the Heim B&B.

    Fresh, fun, and so you! It’s a joy to do life with you.




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