unspeakable joy and hard work

Any of the handfuls of women that worked on Blissdom this year will tell you the same thing.  It was filled with unspeakable joy and lots and lots of hard work.

It was huge fun and BIG hug filled.

Sue Duffield & Tami Heim

It was lots of hard work. Not just the physical hard work, but the heart and mind stretching kind of hard work.

It was supposed to be hard work wasn’t it?

If you came prepared, humbled, opened, surrendered it should have been hard work.

Learning, stretching, growing, dreaming, humbling, reinvigorating, exhausting, all those adjectives and much more packed into three short days.

I had the honor of working with some amazing minds and the kindest of souls.  I’ve been basking in the encouragement and straight up bliss, working on entering the new normal of life and praying for every single one of these sweet friends.

photo credits :: Dedra Herod, nancydoud.com, Janaylynn1 (http://www.flickr.com/photos/42595411@N04), Mary Carver & the BlissChicks

What is the one message you can’t forget from Blissdom this year?  

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  1. Sorry I didn't "see" this til now! I TOO have to say – thanks again for a divine appointment and joy beyond compare – hanging with you at Blissdom. So very cool. Honored to be your friend! Love you!

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