Day 31 :: Month One

Hallelujah!! Today is day 31. The last day of 7 foods :: chicken, quinoa, spinach, tomato, avocado, strawberry, banana. Water and almond milk, little to no seasonings.

I’m dreaming of the first cup of coffee tomorrow. Please don’t tell me that’s a bad thing. I’d prefer to live in a delusion state if it is. I’ve missed the coffee, the creamer, the warmth and the smile that comes from the husband when it’s delivered every morning. Oh, do I miss the coffee.

20120831-185502.jpg I’ve just come home from probably the hardest four days I’ve had in a few months mentally. I’ve been on a work planning retreat with my HudsonAlpha people. We work long, hard and usually 14-15 hour days. It’s productive and good, but hard. I think it’s part of what makes us so successful.

I’ve been surrounded by amazing food and beautiful snacks people! For the LOVE! For the LOVE!

Put aside the hard work, the hardest part was the constant battle with my flesh. The smells, the cooking, cleaning up… it was all constant temptation to break the fast.

I trust Him more than anything in the world. I wanted dessert, I wanted the m&m’s and the eggs and biscuits with hash browns, but I didn’t partake.

I just prayed, continue to break my heart for what breaks yours, Father. Let’s do this once and for all.

    Disclaimer :: this month’s journey has made its mark. I’ll be continuing with a gluten, dairy free diet mostly focused on clean eating. I will definitely be enjoying the coffee.
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