Month Two :: Clothing

If you are following this year long journey with me, well welcome.  Welcome to the month of clothing… or the almost end of the month of clothing.  I know that it’s September 20th. Where does the time go?

I honestly had not put much thought into the month of clothing.  I heeded the call from the Council to rid myself of the bling I consistently wear.  Just these little earrings  and my wedding band made the cut.  Since my work week is split between professional and ministry, my choices had to work for both environments.  Here’s what I have been living in:  one pair of jeans, one pair of black slacks, one knit skirt (LOVE this thing from Athleta), one shirt, two open front cardigans (one white, one navy) and one shirt that I fell in love with.. had every intention of wearing the snot out of.. but it never arrived.  My sweet friend, Kristen Welch even put up with my correspondence about said shirt that I was dying to wear.  For some odd and unexplained reason.. it was returned in the mail.  It’s just like God to put me in my place about what I think I need.  I’ve limited myself to three pairs of shoes (a pair of sandals and two pairs of basic flats).  Undergarments do not count, and I limited myself to one running skort and two work out shirts.  SO.. enough about the clothing.  ENOUGH.

The hard part has been about the stinkin’ flesh.  AGAIN.  I counted quickly about a week ago.  Counted items of clothing after I was reminded that I should count everything including shoes, scarves and purses.  I was super excited because I had purged so much and I was SURE this would be an area of victory for me.

Just wait one second, sweet lil Missy!  Nope.  EPIC Failure.

I’ll give you a complete count at the end of the month, but I counted over 300 items.  Are you KIDDING me? What made me think that I needed that many articles of clothing?  What is it about my heart God that I have adopted the mentality of the American and Christian cultures all around me that I need it?  I deserve it? I will because I can?  What about the deceitful heart that keeps lying to me about all of this?  What about the heart that needs to focus on what God has gifted me with and then how I choose to turn around and steward it?  What about the heart and mind that chooses to fill a life full of things that continually pull me away from my relationship with God?

It’s a constant battle friends, a good and constant battle to prayerfully surrender to Him.  To allow Him to do the tough and hard work of breaking me of myself is full of tension.  It’s full of tears too.  Good ones.

Can I just say though… I am really sick of looking at myself in this shirt. And you will see it again tomorrow and Sunday at the dotMom conference.  Make sure you get a hug from me.  I promise it will be clean.










disclaimer :: I didn’t get a single lick for promoting or talking or blogging about any of the above items.  I didn’t get any compensation either.
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